Show Schedule/Booking

Show Schedule

Special Event: Puppets in the Park.  Free puppet crafts and parade puppet activities.  We are meeting in Memorial  Park in Berea, KY. 9:00 to 12:00. At 12:00 we will have a Puppet Stroll through Old Town Berea. Come make a puppet to use in the stroll or bring your favorite puppet. This is sponsored by Berea Parks and Recreation, Old Town Seamstress, and Puppets and Such.

Booking and Prices:

To book a show call 859 248 4703 or email
Ask for Richard or Mary
*Schools, libraries or other organizations $150.00 for a 30 - 45 minute show. Amounts may be added for travel and  crafts.

Parties - 35 minute show
$115.00 for up to 10 participants at your chosen location. $150.00 with a craft.
$135.00 for over 10 participants at your chosen location. $175.00 with a craft.
(Add $50.00 if held at Berea Center for the Arts to cover cost for rental of the space)

Shows available for booking at Berea Arts Center or in your chosen location:
"Spangle": The story of a star, who jumps off the American flag to travel around the US. He is looking to see what he represents.

"Santa on The Run": The story of a missing Santa and the adventures of characters who try to find him.

"Worms Crawl In and the Worms Crawl Out"; Willie worm helps to teach children about the importance of worms.

"Variety Show": Good for parties. A variety of puppets (marionettes, vents, and hand puppets) are used in a variety of short acts.
Pictures and short videos of shows will soon be available.
Call 859 248 4703 or email for more information
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