Workshops provided by Puppets and Such

Come Join Leanshops offered in Berea the last two weeks of July
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Puppets and Such are offering the following workshops:
Music for Special Needs Students
Music and Reading
Puppetry in Education
Adorable Hand Puppets
Toy Theaters
Berea Center for the Arts - PUPPETS AND SUCH, 315 Chestnut St. Berea, KY 859 248 4703 and other locations.
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A hand puppet base fabric will be provided. Participants will then use fabric, trims, and fabric markers to create their own character puppets. One might choose to create a puppet that has a section where a photo might be inserted. Each participant will be able to create two puppets.

Limberjack -wooden dancing toys

This is a workshop offered last year.
"Paint a Limberjack" toy and learn how to manipulate. Participants will use paints, fabrics and trims to turn a limberjack into a special character. Using a paddle and a stick the limberjack turns into a dancing character. One strikes the paddle, which then causes the arms and legs to jump up and down.
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Both workshops are for beginners - intermediate.
Both items are great for gifts.

Berea Tourism is offering many different workshops led by artists of all kinds. Go to to view all the 12 Days of Christmas "Make It, Take It, Give It" workshops.

Other Workshops:
- Puppet making workshops
- Puppet manipulating workshops
-Music or puppetry for students with special needs
-Puppetry for use with young children, elementary education, or ministry
Richard and/or Mary present workshops for schools, organizations, arts communities, etc.
For more information call 859 248 4703 or email


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